Marbocrete Designer Cement Tiles

One of the most opulent and elegant tiles that give your space sophistication is Marbocrete Designer Cement Tiles. Marbocrete designer tiles are made of a layer of coarser sand and cement on top of finely powdered cement. The arrangement gives the tiles a slick, adaptable structure. The texture is created by moulding, compressing, hydrolyzing and drying the tiles. It’s 100% handcrafted, giving your space a classic feel.


marbrocrete Designer cement tiles

Customizable Designs

Design your dream home your way with these marbocrete designer tiles. These tiles are easy to craft into the special demands of the customer.

Modern and Versatile

With a touch of the modern era, these tiles can be crafted into any design or shade as desired.


Marbocrete tiles are highly durable and last 60-70 years if maintained. This feature of marbocrete designer tiles makes them sustainable.

Where can Marbocrete Designer Cement Tiles be used?

Floorings of all interiors including:

  • Bathroom
  • Wall
  • Kitchen
  • Foyer, Drawing Room, Living Room etc..

Designer cement tiles are trending in current times, and because of their luxe finishing and elegant look, many corporations and architectures desire them. To find out where else these tiles can be used and what are the benefits of using marbocrete designer cement tiles.
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