About Us

What We Do

We strive to provide the most reliable and everlasting flooring finishes for your home, office and other architectures.

We focus on the high quality of client services and have a full dedication to providing quality products. We work aiming that we give value to money to the clients. Different categories of designs that we consider are classy, modern and contemporary.

Our Major Clients are architects, builders and contractors all over the country. We a very high reputation and renowned in the market in the parameters of price and quality and best client servicing.

As client relationship maintenance is our top priority, to take care of that we have a team of expert and highly experienced quality supervisors who assure that quality is maintenance at each level or stage. These levels are in between block selection to final delivery of the product.

We supply to high project holders like Alembic, DPS school, Mayfair Group, Bajaria Group, Sharnam Signature, Kataria Automobile, Neptune Reality, BAPS- Swaminarayan Temple and many more existing in Gujarat and other parts of India, such as to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore.

We offer stones in uncommon and attractive colours and variety of textures for both interiors and exterior designs applications. Our services range from uses in living rooms, drawing arrangements, dining spaces, hotel lobbies, pool-sites, wall claddings, lounges and many more.

Our Vision

 To become a trend setter in the marble industry offering exclusive range of marbles of exceptional quality and price. We strive to provide best customer service and to build a relationship with a client that lengthens beyond delivering a valuable service.

 Our strive is to provide suitable marble to the customers as per their requirements while maintaining the quality of the product. We want to be the one stop shop for all types of marbles of all colours & origins for commercial & residential purpose.

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